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If you’re looking to raise the levels of humidity in your home during the wintertime for health and home preservation purposes, we offer a whole line of humidifiers that are compatible with all types of HVAC systems, needs, and budgets. According to the Mayo Clinic, the ideal relative level of humidity in a dwelling is between 30 to 50 percent. If your humidity level is too high, like during the summer, your home is at risk for problems like mildew and mold, and microbes. When humidity is too low, like during the summer, you become susceptible to static electricity, wood damage in the home, and health issues like dry skin, and bloody noses, etc.

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Add Humidity to your Home

Adding humidity to dry air improves temperature regulation and comfort while reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. Install a Whole-House Humidifier in your Dayton, OH home, and stay cozy with this balmy offer!Are you looking for the best deal on a humidification system in the Greater Dayton Ohio area?  Our humidifiers not only improve comfort but also upgrade indoor air quality to promote optimal health and well-being in the home.This exclusive deal features the HVAC industry’s best humidification system and it includes a 5-year warranty. 

What is a Humidifier

What is a Humidifier

A humidifier is a device that helps increase the level of humidity in a room, typically to make it more comfortable for people. Humidity is important for a variety of reasons, including controlling temperature and helping to reduce respiratory irritation caused by dry air. Humidifiers work by releasing water vapor into the air, which then evaporates into the home. They especially improve indoor air quality during Central Ohio’s cold winter months when aird conditions can cause problems with your health and even damage the home.

Investing in a whole-home humidifier is an excellent way to keep heating costs down while optimizing home comfort.

The Hazards of Too Much Humidity

Too much humidity can negatively impact your comfort, home, possessions, and health. When the air around you contains too much humidity, your body can’t regulate its internal temperature through the process of evaporation. If you’re in a humid room that’s the same temperature as a room with less humidity, the humid room will feel warmer to you.

Too much humidity can make you uncomfortable and sick. High levels of moisture encourage the growth of fungus, mold, and dust mites, which can create breathing issues for people with asthma and allergies.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Greater Dayton, Ohio

Why Too Little Humidity is Just as Bad

Indoor air this is too dry can be just as damaging to your comfort, home, possessions, and health as the air that’s too moist. Dry air can cause your skin to feel cold and itchy and can dry out other mucous membranes in your body, leading to sore throats and chapped lips. Dry air can also increase coughing, wheezing, and other breathing issues.

When humidity levels are too low, your house can suffer extensive damage from cracking and shrinking around door frames and molding. Anything that’s made from wood will begin to warp and bend as the dried wood shrinks in size. Wooden floors often creak more and may even crack.

Does Your Home Have a Humidity Problem?

Having the right level of moisture in your home’s air is essential to feeling your best and creating the perfect environment. Here are some signs that your home’s humidity level is bringing you down:

Smoke Detector

Poor Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, think about your air. Too much or too little humidity can sabotage your slumber, according to the National Sleep Foundation. When there’s too much humidity in the air, your body has to work more to evaporate sweat in order to cool itself down. As a result, you might struggle to fall and stay asleep. Breathing in dry air can irritate your throat and lead to fits of coughing.


Excessive Sweating & Difficulty Breathing

You can’t stop sweating inside your home. It can be exhausting when you feel like you’re constantly covered in sweat. While you can’t control humidity levels outside, you have control over the indoor air in your home.

You have difficulty breathing. High home humidity levels can often lead to asthma symptoms such as chest tightness and wheezing. Humidity levels that are too low can also lead to a host of respiratory problems.

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