5 Tips to Prepare Your A/C For Summer

Feb 22, 2021 | HVAC, Air Conditioner

If you’re looking to get your AC system prepared for summer without all the headache and work, you’re in the right place.

Because air conditioning equipment uses up to a third more energy if not properly maintained, doing so is essential to making sure the whole system runs effectively and efficiently throughout Ohio’s truly hot and muggy months.

To help you get started and save you on energy costs, we at Greater Dayton Furnace & Air Conditioning put together the following:

Top 5 Things You Should Do to Prepare Your A/C Unit For Summer:

1. Air Filter Maintenance and Cleaning

Because an A/C works harder trying to keep your home cool when air filters are dirty, obstructed air filters lead to reduced cooling performance and increased electricity bills. Furthermore, the particles that get trapped in these dirty filters diminishes indoor air quality because the filter no longer functions like it should. Worst of all, this can also cause severe damage to the system. Because air filters accumulate dust, dirt, pollens and other particles rather quickly, homeowners need to change them regularly.

2. Air Flow Blockage and Obstructions

Leakage or blockages in an air duct system can hinder airflow, which is hard on your home cooling equipment, so be sure to inspect your home’s ductwork system and its various connectors for loose spots or damage. Also check the blower components, because the system’s performance can drop by 15 percent when they aren’t adjusted properly. If you own a fireplace, shut the damper to prevent any cool air from getting out. Lastly, check your walls, windows, and doors for leaks that will let cool air out and warm air in. Be sure to seal any leaks you find.

3. Coil and Compressor Maintenance

If there’s any dirt, dust, debris, and plant matter such as leaves and twigs surrounding your exterior unit, clear them away regularly. Be sure to keep the area around your evaporator and A/C coils clean and open with plenty of space, as the buildup of debris can get into the system and cause damage. Also clean the coils and condenser periodically, even if they are inside. Dirty A/C coils can affect efficiency and increase energy costs. If the exterior unit is not kept clean, the extra burden on the system can cause overheating and decrease its lifespan.

4. Prepare Your Thermostat for Summer

Check your thermostat and system controls to make sure they are operating properly, particularly the starting cycle. This is also a great time to consider upgrading to a smart thermostat or Wi-Fi thermostat, which enables different temperature settings to be automated during the day. Smart thermostats start the cooling process before you reach home from your job, staying off to save energy while no one is in the home. Be mindful that some thermostats like this can also be regulated from a smartphone, so you can monitor and choose your settings on the fly. Ultimately, they are very user friendly, smart home friendly, and able to learn your schedule and adjust accordingly using motion sensors that let the system know when to conserve and when to crank it down to your preferences.

5. A/C Maintenance is a Must

Springtime is the ideal time of year to call a trusted HVAC technician to come to your home and inspect and service your home cooling equipment, before the heat arrives in full swing and your sweating it. Our highly-skilled, NATE-certified technicians tighten the electrical connections, inspect fuses and circuit breakers and replace any worn-out wiring. They can also check and recharge refrigerant levels. Excessive (or too little) refrigerant can impair performance. While on the call, our certified technician also lubricates moving parts, checks for damage in hoses and condensate drains, and more. If we find damage or other problems, we can quickly handle repairs to get the system summer-ready on the spot.


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